Mental Health Professionals

If you are a Mental Health Professional:

Thank you for your interest in MindlInx.

Here is what you can expect from a partnership with MindLinx.

  1. Our aim is to connect persons struggling with Mental Health issues with great mental professional like yourself.
  2. We strive for our payment process to be as transparent as possible to the client and to you the mental health provider.
  3. Our goal is to have the connection to your service be as quick as possible and convenient to the client who may be stressed.

We want you to benefit from our service:

  1. Once the client uses MindLinx for the first time, our desire is to have client use you in the future.
  2. Our desire is to have you expand your practice by adding new clients that you help.
  3. The client goes through your established process, registers with you, and pays you with a credit card or our validated custom code.

How MindLinx Pays you.

  1. Our price is based on your cost of an initial service to your practice.
  2. Our price is a fee + cost system where we collect our fee for the referral and the client pays for your services rendered through your existing structure.
  3. We have a custom code available for clients that can have prepaid service. These are pre-agreed upon prices and encompass known pricing for the state of Texas. We can send this however you receive payment.
  4. If there are any billing issues we will resolved them in an expedient manner with a goal of next business day.

We are a non-profit and do hope that you would donate a session or two for clients in need of your assistance.

We do collect your information and compare it against the start validated database.  We will vet your information let you know when you are added to our system of providers.

Our goal is to coordinate time that fit your schedule, please indicate when you are available to take clients. We would love to fill in gaps with you routine times, after hours, and ad hoc (i.e. no shows or cancelled appointments). We want to impact your workflow  as little as possible. We would love to hear from you if you need anything and we want to respond as quickly as possible.

We expect our trusted medical providers to carry malpractice insurance to protect you and the client and to be available when you have notified us of your availability. We expect that you will have an emergency response plan for an on-line client who finds themselves in an emergency situation.

Our goal is to rotated practices so that all partners in the system benefit. MindLinx’s gold standard is immediate connection to you.

We are currently looking for psychiatrist, psychologist and counselors practicing in Texas.

If you have any questions please support them to:  [email protected]

If you would like to signup please visit us here.   More Info


What you’re signing up for

Benefits of partnering with MindLinx.

This person becomes your client.  All follow-up is between your practice and the client.

Once we connect the client to you, we are out of the picture

We send you clients looking for a Psychiatrist, Psychologist, or Counselor

Expectations for our On-Line practices

We and our referrals expect the highest professionalism and quality Mental Health services.

We and our referrals expect prompt response and to see and receive services same or next day.

We expect our payment to be transparent to our client and to you.

Our clients pay with a credit card we provide to them.


Psychiatrists, Psychologists, and Counselors sign up at

Professionals are to provide requested information on their practice and their providers, then keep the information up to date.

Info will not be distributed other than to the client, as we make the referral, to make the best client/professional match.

How we connect new clients to you

We contract with local agencies to help them care for their clients.  MindLinx leases/contracts with agencies to provide 10-100 online sessions for which the agency pays.

MindLinx provides to the agency, 10-100 prepaid gift cards/MasterCard, that the agency staff can distribute as they determine who needs to access on-line services and provides the person/family with a gift card and info on how to use our App.  The person/family then accesses the app, which asks a few questions used to match the person to the specialty and type of service needed, then the MindLinx database matches the person to the best fit to provide the client a list of 3 Psychiatrists, 3 Psychologist, or 3 Counselors.  The link to the client selected choice is made to the practice website.  The person/family then registers, makes appointment arrangement, if not seen during the initial contact, and then pays for the session with the MindLinx gift card.


Currently, we are using gift cards/Master Card to enable the person connecting your online practice to use the MindLinx credit card to be transparent to your practice.  These gift cards will be prepaid for by local agencies with whom we contract for a number of MH professional’s services.  The agency then provides one gift cards to a person/family when they identify him or her as needing to see a Texas licensed, psychiatrist, psychologist or counselor, online, today or tomorrow.