About MindLinx

MindLinx is a new system of access for Mental Health services.

MindLinx improves access to Mental Health (MH) professionals for someone with a serious mental illness, or family identifies a loved one with a mental health issue, and needs assistance to connect with an on-line MH provider.

There is a shortage of psychiatrists.  Searching for an in-office appointment is difficult; over and over seekers are told the doctor is not taking new patients, there is a long waiting list, or the doctor doesn’t take Medicaid or Medicare.  Once finding a doctor who will take them, the first appointment is often scheduled 2 to 6 weeks later and may take up to several months to be seen.  We believe this is unacceptable.

MindLinx will provide a new avenue to assist people when they are in need, to link to the mental health providers that are best suited to the person needing help.  The provider can evaluate, prescribe medications if needed, and recommend appropriate treatment.  To facilitate connecting people to on-line mental health services, MindLinx will partner with: provider practices, agencies who deal with people in need, schools, faith-based and community groups, insurance companies, and licensing boards at local or state levels, as well as, foundations.

MindLinx hopes to remove the delay in getting help, ease the associated stigma, remove the confusion of where to find help, and eliminate the inconveniences, frustration and stress of searching for an in-office session.  With a broader system of access when an in-office visit will not be timely, MindLinx assists people to locate and connect to on-line psychiatrists, and other mental health professionals such as: psychologists, physician’s assistants, advanced nurse practitioners, licensed professional counselors or therapists.

Our purpose is to make finding and connecting with Mental Health Professionals:

  1. Quicker; connecting same or next day,
  2. More private; using videoconferencing to see the doctor or counselor with a smart phone or computer in a private room, at home or at the office,
  3. Easier; providing the links to the appropriate licensed MH professional for the level of need, and
  4. More convenient; not having to travel to the clinic nor needing to take off time from work.