We thank you all so much for your interest in our services. It means a lot to us!

Unfortunately we are not currently offering mental health care connection services at this time. The connections are powered through a web app. Currently, our app is still in development, and when completed, we want our app to help you effectively. 

For now, feel free to follow us on social media and sign up for our newsletter. We will send an update when we have made further progress.

We thank you all for your continued patience!

MindLinx connects people with on-line Psychiatrists or Mental Health professionals

Today’s technology now allows people to receive Mental Health services using their preferred device or with video conferencing through their preferred device or computer.

MindLinx provides you the links to Psychiatrists, Psychologists, and Licensed Professional Counselors that enables you to have on-line video consultations. This on-line medical service is a skype like visit using a secure videoconferencing technology platform, which is confidential, very private, and HIPAA compliant.  These sessions provide the same quality of service as an in-office visit.  Most people quickly become comfortable with using their device to connect and are very satisfied seeing the professional on-line.  Telemedicine overcomes some of the major barriers to accessing services such as stigma, time, travel, and their associated cost.  MindLinx offers solutions that take less time to get an appointment, you can connect with a doctor from your home or office, and more accessible in evenings and on weekends.

MindLinx is a quick and easy way to connect to routine and non-emergency mind health.

MindLinx reduces the stress and frustration of the search of what is needed and how to connect:

  • Better than trying to arrange an appointment with a local in-office medical professional
  • Better than on-line searches for mental health services available directly to consumers
  • Better when I can choose who, when and where

About MindLinx:

The need for fast, easy, private help when a person takes the first steps for help is why MindLinx was created.  We started the MIndLinx nonprofit to be able to bring the search for help into the on-line access for Mental Health Professionals.   Under construction.

How MindLinx Works:

MindLinx brings you the professional that best matches you after a few questions  about what you need.  The app looks at who is available in the quickest time to meet with you.  Under construction.

MindLinx App:

MindLinx connects people to on-line psychiatrist, psychologist and counselors.  It is a new system of access to on-line Mental Health practices who are licensed in Texas  Under construction.!

If you are a Mental Health Professional:

If you are a mental health professional please visit mindlinx.io to sign-up.  We are currently looking for psychiatrist, psychologist and counselors practicing in Texas.  If you would like to find out more information please visit our website here  Under construction.

Mental Health Articles:

When people use on-line Mental Health professionals, it is called TeleMental Health or TeleBehavioral Health.  It is a medical service as you would have seeing a psychiatrist in his or her office.  The session is billed the same as if you saw the doctor face to face, in fact, you still see the online doctor face to face thru videoconferencing, something like skype.  

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Upcoming Events:

Families and Professionals can check here to know about  on-line MH training, events, conferences and others sharing their experiences with TeleMental Health.  Under construction.


Here is an easy way to see the wealth of information others have shared   thru their websites.  You can find helpful links to learn more about Mental Health and how it effects you, how to use on-line in your practice.  Additional Resources