How MindLinx Works

The makers of MindLinx know from experience that it is very difficult to call around to find a psychiatrist when you have made the decision to do so.

The process described below applies to all our professionals, whether they be a psychiatrist, psychologist or counselor.

In our app, we ask only a few questions in order to help match your needs with a psychiatrist with that specialty.  In addition, we check for the psychiatrist that will have the quickest response time to see you.  Another match criteria is the language you indicate.

Our standard routine will be to provide 3 choices, with the bio and picture for each professional to help you in your selection.

For all professionals MindLinx checks with the Texas Medical Board, the Texas Psychological Board and the Texas State Board of Examiners of LPCs to make sure they are in good standing.  You will see their license number in the bio and can check their status and more detail if you would like.

The connection to the individual you select will connect you to their website where you will be required to register with their practice, giving your name, reason for seeing the professional and provide payment information.

Payment for the session with the Mental Health Professional, Psychiatrist, Psychologist or Counselor is directly to them.  Each practice has their set fee for services.  MindLinx is unable to facilitate use of insurance at this time, however, if you are using your own credit card for payment, you can check with them to see if they accept your insurance plan.

MindLinx does not receive any compensation for making the connection from the practice or professionals in our system.  We do try to rotate through our database as to not show a preference for a particular practice.

Gift Card payment is provided by some agencies in the local area.  They have pre-paid for the Gift Cards for their clients.  These gift cards will only be valid at MindLinx on-line practices at the time of service.

MindLinx set up fee for each connection is a percent of the practice fee and maybe up to $50.00 per connection.  This overhead charge is used for operational expenses and app development.

MindLinx is a nonprofit agency and uses grants, corporate and individual donations, for development, operations, and to provide gift cards to people who are unable to pay.  These gift cards will be distributed through charitable organizations in the local area.